All class enrollments require an annual membership. See the bottom of the page for pricing.

We require 30 days notice for dropped classes.



Parent & Tot

(45 min; $45/mo)

Parent/child gymnastics class focused on motor skills, fundamentals, and social interactions.

Athletic Kids

Ages: 3 - 5 (45 min; $55/mo)

Preschool gymnastics 45 minute class is a step up from Parent & Tot, where the children learn age appropriate gymnastics skills incorporating vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Instructors assist the children through exciting and challenging activities which lead to motor and sensory skill development.


Recreational Gymnastics


Ages: 5 - 13 (1 hr; $60/mo)

Your child will build a foundation on each of the 4 women’s events: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise  that will prepare for your child's gymnastics future. Your child will work on basic skills while learning proper form in order to maximize safety.


Ages: 5 - 13 (1 hr; $65/mo)

Your child will build on skills from the beginner level. This is the level where coaches begin to look for correct form of the skills that they learned in the beginner class. Your child will begin to do skills on higher beams and bigger equipment.


Ages: 5 - 13 (1.5 hrs; $85/mo)

This is the last recreational before entering the pre-team competitive program. Your child will continue to build on previously learned skills while learning how to connect them to harder and bigger skills. 


Ages: 8 - 16 (1 hr; $60/ mo)

This class focuses on using the floor and trampoline to learn basic and more advanced skills.


Ninja Warrior

Jr. Ninja Warriors

Ages: 3 - 6  (1 hr; $60/mo)

For the child that loves to run, jump, and climb! Students work on agility training and conditioning through competitions and obstacle courses.

Ninja Warriors

Ages: 6 - 11 (1 hr; $60/mo)

Same as our Junior class; exclusive to our older ninjas.


(Beginner, Intermediate, Youth, Teen) Parkour

(1 hr; $60/mo)

Ages: 5 and Up

This is a 60 minute class where kids will gain body awareness, strength, and confidence. Kids will get to use the trampoline, the foam pit, and our ninja warrior course in order to burn some energy. Classes are fast-paced and focus on running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation.


Annual Membership


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Membership is required for enrollment in classes that meet one or more times per week. Camps, birthday parties, parent’s night out and other one-time events do not require a membership but do come at a discounted price to members. Contact us for more details or if you have any questions.