Holiday and Weather Closures

For September 2019 - August 2020


Scheduled Closures

Labor Day Weekend: (September 1-2)

Halloween: (October 31)

Thanksgiving: (November 28 - December 1)

Winter Holidays: (December 23 - January 2)

Easter: (April 12)

Memorial Day Weekend: (May 23-25)

Independence Day: (July 4th)

End of Summer: (August 24 - 30)

Weather Closures

PEGA takes into advisement the Corvallis Public School district weather closures. However, multiple factors are reviewed when determining whether to hold classes. Please check your email, Facebook, Twitter, PEGA’s website, or recorded voicemail for timely updates. Make-ups will be allowed for unforeseen closures due to weather. PEGA does not pro-rate or refund for classes missed due to weather closures. If school is on late arrival, morning classes will start at 10:00AM.