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PEAK elite is excited to announce our partnership with Wonders Early Learning Center. Jennie Dalgas brings years of experience to our preschool classroom to create the optimal environment for each and every child in the classroom. We are very excited to bring her guidance into our classroom. 

Contact: text at 720-468-1206 or by email at


Wonders Early Learning Center

Wonders Early Learning Center offers a first school experience that plants in each child a love for learning while creating opportunities for social interaction and intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional growth. We believe education must be relevant, meaningful, and fun. We strive to build strong a foundation for all future learning and living.  

Environment: Wonders Early Learning Center provides a stimulating and caring environment that encourages curiosity and exploration. A purposeful, fun and hands-on oriented curriculum directs the children to joyfully explore the many facets of our world in a safe and loving classroom.

Our Day: When the children enter the classroom, the teacher will greet them and then the children are given the freedom to explore the various learning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before their arrival.

Interest Centers: Interest centers are changed from week to week, day to day, and sometimes, hour to hour. There may be paint, sensory tables, clay, science experiments, art projects, building blocks, dramatic play toys, books, puzzles and dolls to love.

Circle Time: This important part of our day includes carefully selected children’s literature, calendar, songs, graphing activities and sharing time.

Snack Time: Snacks are provided by preschool families on a rotating basis. This is a special day for the snack person, as they are the line leader, our special helper for the day, and have the opportunity to bring in sharing for group time.

Large Motor Skills: One of our favorite parts of offering a preschool in a gymnastics facility is the gross motor learning that takes place each day in the gym! All children are given a 45 minute gymnastics class each day of preschool where they learn floor, beam, bars and vault. This is a great opportunity for them to burn off some energy and have a TON of fun! This is perfect for the rainy Oregon climate. Gymnastics classes are taught by experienced instructors- generally the owner with over ten years of coaching experience. 

Wonders Early Learning Center:

Wonders Early Learning Center began as a Certified Home Care in 2009. We grew into a Certified Center in 2014, becoming the first center to serve South Corvallis.

We implement a National Standards Based curriculum called Mother Goose Time. We have a new theme for each month, which keeps our learning and materials focused and fun.

We care for children age 3-5.5 (Preschool and Pre-K). We have Full Day and Half Day options available. We are open 7:30-5:30, Monday-Friday. Our half day program is 8:00-12:00 and includes a morning snack (Schedule begins 11/1). Our Full Day program includes and morning and afternoon snack, and parents provide their child’s lunch daily. We do provide milk at morning snack and lunch, so no need to pack a beverage, but a water bottle in his/her cubby is a great idea.

Here is a review from one of our parents: “This place is amazing. I am just so impressed with the things my son comes home saying after a day of preschool. He really loves all the teachers, and is just learning so much. I also love all the activities they do, they are way more creative than I’ll ever be. I really feel like my son will be prepared for kindergarten by the time he leaves this place.

PRE-K (3-5 years)

Our Pre-K class is available to 4-year-olds in multiple time slots. 

Students will participate in small group, hands-on learning activities in math, science, art, and language arts. Positive social development is encouraged using cooperative interest centers. The children will also receive instruction in gymnastics and creative movement weekly.


Preschool/Pre-K Half Day Prices

1:10 Ratio

5 Days: $610.00

4 Days: 515.00

3 Days: $400.00

2 Days: $265.00

Tuition is due on the 1st of every month and is applied to the current month (Ex: a payment on September 1st covers the month of September). If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a late fee of $10 per late day will be assessed.

Sorry, but there is no refund for sick time.

The first month’s tuition and $140 enrollment fee is due upon enrollment.


Preschool/Pre-K Full Day Prices

1:10 Ratio

5 Days: $960.00 

4 Days: $770.00

3 Days: $575.00

2 Days: $385.00


Fees & Tuition

    • Tuition for each class is paid in 10 installments from September to May of the following year.
      • Registration fee and first tuition payment are due upon registration in June. Yearly Registration Fee is $140. NO refunds on deposits or final months tuition. 
    • There is no prorating of tuition for vacation or illness.
    • All Tuition payments are due the first of every month.
    • Cost below is for each tuition payment
    • Tuition is considered late after the 7th of each month, which incurs a late fee of $15.
      • If your account still has a balance by the 15th of the month then your account will incur a $25 fee ($15 late fee + $10 manual charge fee).
      • Your account balance, including late fees, will be charged to the credit card on file.
    • A $25 fee will be assessed to checks that are returned due to insufficient funds.
    • There are no additional activity, building, or supply fees.
    • Please Note: all payments and fees are non-refundable.
      • This includes all registration fees, tuition, and advance payments. Refunds will not be given based on any circumstances. We do require 30 days notice for any cancelation from the preschool and no refunds will be given for deposits. 
    • Stepping Stones Closure Dates: 
      • October 27th
      • November 10th
      • November 22-24
      • December 22-January 5th
      • January 15th
      • January 26th
      • February 2nd
      • February 19th
      • March 15-16
      • March 26-30
      • May 28th